Ben Walsh at TEDxSydney, Photo: First Light Photography

Playlist: Best of TEDx Music

Jump into 2 hours of music from 5 continents with a newly updated Best of TEDx Music Playlist on Soundcloud.

Featuring music of:

Canada, India, Japan, Serbia, Tanzania, Slovakia, USA, Belgium, Taipei, Australia, Spain and Indonesia

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TEDx Music at TEDxHGSE

“Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called music a universal language. I think he was correct; however, there’s one challenge in today’s exponential innovation age of music: most of us have a very small vocabulary.  There’s so much music happening all over the world! We hope that the TEDx Music Project will be a place where people can discover and learn how to burst that filter bubble of what we “know” music to be.”

The TEDx Music Project shares music from TEDx events all over the world. I was invited to share this project at Harvard’s TEDxHGSE. During this talk, I shared a glimpse into the future of the TEDx Music Project, including: embedding performances on a map; using echnest’s api to algorithmically generate playlists and sharing the music across streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

A special TEDxHGSE playlist is available here.

Experience the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud. Mashup video debuted at TEDxHGSE:

Tom Thumb: Beatbox Brilliance at TEDxSydney

 Tom Thum: Armed with just a microphone, Thum pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds, with scratched vinyl, the Michael Jackson back-catalogue, the didgeridoo and an entire fifties jazz band amongst his vocal repertoire. Thom’s performance was one of few music talks selected for It has received over 10 million views.

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Live performance at TEDxSydney.

Paul Kelly at TEDxSydney

Paul Kelly is one of the most significant singer/songwriters in Australia. Here’s his solo rendition of one of his best-loved songs, chosen as the final performance of TEDxSydney 2011.

As well as issuing an enduring body of work with his own bands, Kelly has recorded film scores (Lantana and the Cannes 2006 highlight, Jindabyne) and written songs with and for many other artists.

Songs From The South, a selection of his popular songs first assembled in 1997 and expanded to a double album in 2008, continues to have wide appeal, with many of his songs now lodged deep in the Australian psyche.

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Live performance at TEDxSydney.

Darden Smith at TEDxAustin

In a stirring performance, acclaimed singer and songwriter Darden Smith shares — and sings — his journey from aspiring rock star to song writing champion for those struggling to regain their voice, among them soldiers just returning from war.

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Live performance from TEDxAustin 2013.

Hyperpotamus at TEDxMadrid

Hyperpotamus is a troubadour of the 21 century, he gives voice to his music all around the world. Armed with microphones and a loops pedal, Hyperpotamus rejects cheap effectism and tricks. Using the primary element of voice and dancing at the shadow of the melody and the rhythm, Hyperpotamus chisels his vulcanic voice.

Live performance at TEDxMadrid 2012.

Mikael Mutti at TEDxSalvador

The music begins at 2:30.

Born in Salvador, in 1974, Mikael Mutti is a Pianist, arranger and music producer. Self-taught, he began playing professionally at 12 years old. At 19 he began to dedicate himself to recording albums and at 22 was already working in the studios as an arranger and creator WR in major advertising campaigns, where he recorded albums and made arrangements for many of the leading artists of Bahia. Since 22, Mikael has participated in international tours watching Brazilian artists and taken part in the major events and international music festivals.

His arrangements feature an electronic sound fused with percussion roots. Mikael is also dedicated to the study of improvisation, having done important work in instrumental music from Bahia.

Mikael Mutti is now head of the group PMN – Percussion New World, whose idea is to combine percussion with new digital technologies and new forms to make music. The New World Percussion Percussion custom blend with the unique style of playing “digital percussion.”
Mikael has also participated as a producer and composer on the soundtrack of the movie “Rio” producing the song “Real in Rio” nominated for an Oscar in the category best original song in 2012.

Live performance at TEDxSalvador 2012.