Karsu Dönmez: Turkish jazz

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Karsu Dönmez: Turkish jazz

Karsu Dönmez (1990) is a pianist and singer from Amsterdam of Turkish descent. She is seen as a major talent in the field of jazz and is being called the Dutch Norah Jones. Young as she is, she has already performed in Carnegie Hall in New York twice, and played her repertoire of original music, easy listening, classical and ethnic music in the world reknowned Concertgebouw. She is also a regular performer on Dutch TV, and has recently signed up with AT Productions/Sony Music.

Karsu and violinist Muge Alpay sing “I’ll leave alone,” followed by the Turkish song “Cok Uzaklarda.”

Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.

Live performance at TEDxAmsterdam.

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