Jordan “DJ Earworm” Roseman: mashup

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Jordan “DJ Earworm” Roseman: mashup

Most widely known for his annual 25-song mashup video “United State of Pop,” DJ Earworm has been working as a San Francisco-based producer and performer since 2003. He first landed on the music scene after being hired by MTV as resident DJ during the 2005 MTV Music Video Awards in South Beach, Fla., performing at concerts, parties and VIP events throughout the weekend.

DJ Earworm’s successes have caught the attention of the music industry, and he’s been hired to produce custom mashup videos for artists as diverse as Lady Gaga, Annie Lennox, Sean Kingston and Maroon 5, among others. Most recently, Earworm was commissioned to create a mashup of Enrique Iglesias’s song “I Like It,” which he performed live in Johannesburg, South Africa during the opening ceremonies of the Airtel Champions League 2010 Cricket Tournament —giving an entirely new audience an opportunity to experience his musical creations.

Recorded at TEDxPSU.

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