Michael Jefry Stevens + Dave Ballou: jazz improv

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Michael Jefry Stevens + Dave Ballou: jazz improv

For over 35 years, Michael Jefry Stevens has been associated with some of the most important figures in modern jazz. Frank Rubolino of Cadence Jazz Magazine writes, Stevens is a sensitive pianist who ekes out droplets of sparkling gems or volumes of rushing waves having a lyrical foundation and a complex consistency. Since 1993, the Fonda/Stevens Group has repeatedly toured Europe and is a premier working modern jazz group on the international scene.

Improviser, composer, soloist, teacher, Dave Ballou is assistant professor of music at Towson University and coordinator of the jazz/commercial music division. His repertoire is extensive Bachs Brandenburg Concerto #2 with the Bella Musica Orchestra of NY, Larry Austins Improvisations with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, and Gunther Schullers Journey into Jazz with the Spokane Symphony and Boston Modern Orchestra Project.

Recorded at TEDxNASA.

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