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Jason O: Sir Loops A Lot

Jason Olcese (Jason O) is a performer who is best described as “a healthy mix of Jason Mraz and Keller Williams.” On stage, Jason uses live looping to incorporate guitar, bass, vocals, harmonies, percussion, piano, harmonica, ukulele, and trumpet all in one inspiring show. Through the well-timed introduction of songs without looping, Jason’s performances have a rhythm that captures attention, yet leaves the audience with a sense of having connected with the singer/songwriter. His original music is seamlessly funky and folksy with a pop twist and an honest lyrical style that speaks to the heart of human experience. With an on-stage personality that is at once inviting and charismatic, Jason will make his way into the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Since 2002, Jason O has released six independent albums and written more than 150 songs. Growing up with parents who are music educators, Jason was raised on music and learned to play the variety of instruments he performs with today. During his developmental years as an artist, Jason attended Penn State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with honors in music. It was during this time that he learned to externalize the music in his head and began sharing it with the world. Today, Jason resides in Pennsylvania, where he spends his time making music and touring to spread that music the old-fashioned way — one person at a time.

Filmed at TEDxPSU 2010.

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