Peter Lee Johnson: electric violin looping

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Peter Lee Johnson: electric violin looping

In a twist to the sound of popular music, Peter Lee Johnson uses an electric violin and looping pedal to electrify audiences world-wide with personally written compositions and hits from Billboard.

Peter Lee Johnson is a Popular Music Performance student in the USC Thronton School of Music. A musical prodigy at the age of three, Peter has been performing since he was nine years old. As an accomplished musician, he has performed with artists such as Alan White (drummer for YES, John Lennon and Yoko Ono), Steve Miller, Lloyd Jones, and other outstanding musicians. Currently he is performing with “The Beat Advocate” and “The Luke Walton Band.”

Filmed at TEDxUSC.

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  1. amyrobinson says:

    Impossible to sit still..

  2. katie johnson says:

    i love peter lee johnson. i just discovered him today and me and my mom love him! i have wanted to play the violin science i was 3. we have two violins in our house but i dont know how to play them. my family is musicly inclined though, so i can probobly learn. but for now i just play piano and acostic gutiar. but i hope i am as good of a violin player as peter! well i wish good luck to peter and hope he has a good time playing the violin.
    katie johnson (12) and cheryl johnson (51)

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