Ntjam Rosie: French fusion at TEDxRotterdam

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Ntjam Rosie: French fusion at TEDxRotterdam

In 2008, 27-year-old Cameroon born Ntjam Rosie released the adventurous debut album Atouba, an ingenious mix of Western and African rhythms with World, Jazz and Soul.

Since then she has further developed her singer-songwriter talent, now accentuating jazz and soul elements while still aiming for the same spirit of adventure as in Atouba. Ntjam Rosie’s authentic performance makes for a compelling set full of soul and energy. Her powerful voice and personal style set the tone.

Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.

Inspired by the TEDxRotterdam theme ‘Somethink Completely Different’, Ntjam Rosie gave a standing ovation performance.

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  1. amyrobinson says:

    Ntjam belongs at Carnegie Hall. Side thought, I would love to hear this remixed on an autotune.

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