Arthur Newhall: rhythms from the ocean

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Arthur Newhall: rhythms from the ocean

By day, Art Newhall is an ocean acoustics engineer and by night, a musician and composer, and on special occasions—such as TEDxWoodsHole—he mixes it up. Newhall’s “songs” come from hydrophones placed below the ocean surface or on the backs of whales, a digital sound mixer, and a musician’s love for electronica and island rhythms.

Arthur has been at WHOI for more than 25 years but has been a musician for over 40 years. Once a professional bassist in Colorado, he also played his way through a mathematics degree at the University of Maine. His sound domain now is somewhat wetter: at WHOI he studies underwater sound propagation. “The mathematical and musical mind are not so dissimilar,” he believes. One of his projects is to model sound that marine mammals hear and make via recordings from hydrophones attached by suction cups on the backs of sperm whales and also endangered right whales.

Recorded at TEDxWoodsHole.

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