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Narcicyst: identity in flux

Yassin’s presentation is about the pain of loss, the triumph of family and the duplicity of identity in the information age. Performing with his back up band “The Fridge”, Yassin invites you into his living room and serves chai sweet enough to make you forget about the bitter global arena. With musical performances, poetry and spoken word, The Narcicyst is bound to make you stare into your proverbial man in the mirror and ask, am I really who I think I am?

Yassin Alsalman is an Iraqi-Canadian that grew up between the Arabian Gulf and the Fleuve St-Laurent. With Montreal as his home, Dubai as his home away from home, and Iraq as his motherland; Yassin finds solace and belonging in music and the complex history of immigration, reintegration and culture.

Add Narcicyst’s 3 song TEDxDubai playlist to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.

Performance at TEDxDubai.

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