Vitor Araújo: piano fusion

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Vitor Araújo: piano fusion

Vitor Araújo is a 20 year-old pianist and one of the most promising classical musicians in Brazil.  He prefers to mix his interpretations with elements of pop music, jazz, rock and even forró. For him, the most important thing is fighting the pre-conceived idea that says classical music is difficult.

TOC — Live at the Teatro de Santa Isabel, his first CD / DVD, features arrangements of songs like Villa-Lobos’ Dança do Índio Branco, Radiohead’s Paranoid Android and Luiz Gonzaga’s Asa Branca. Vitor has performed at festivals like Abril Pro Rock, in Recife, and at Olinda’s International Music Festival (MIMO).

Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.

Recorded at TEDxSaoPaulo.

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