Meklit Hadero: Soleil, Soleil

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Meklit Hadero: Soleil, Soleil

Hadero is a vocalist, songwriter, cultural activist, TEDGlobal Fellow, founder of the Arba Minch Collective. Hadero’s recent album is On a Day Like This.

Born in Ethiopia, raised in the US and nurtured for the last several years in San Francisco’s rich arts scene, Meklit Hadero’s musical explorations span genres and geographies. She is a Resident Artist at the Red Poppy Art House — an interdisciplinary arts and performance space in San Francisco. Hadero’s recent album “combines jazz with West Coast folk and African flourishes, all bound together by Hadero’s beguiling voice, which is part sunshine and part cloudy day” (Nevin Martell, Filter Magazine).

Recorded at TEDxRainier.

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