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Ben Walsh: wheel of drums

On November 12, 2011, Posted by , In unique instruments, By ,,, , With 2 Comments

Ben Walsh’s diverse percussion and drumming skills have made him a fixture at festivals around the world. Here, he tells us a little of his story and proceeds to demonstrate his art on a ‘wheel of drums’ he created.

Live performance at TEDxSydney 2011.

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  1. Ben really loved the opportunity to present at TedX in Sydney, Australia.
    Here are his links if you want to know more about his music and work:


  2. Euphrasia Carroll says:

    Lovely, Ben! (Understatement). Your live percussion is warmly appreciated. Thank you for keeping the tradition alive. Play on. Really and truly, do what you’re doing anyway… thanks for helping everyone enjoy the void together 🙂 Live percussion is such a gift. Thank you.

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