Amadrums Trio: Minimalist Percussion

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Amadrums Trio: Minimalist Percussion

The Amadrums Trio consists of Wiktoria Chrobak-Mielec, Rafał Tyliba and Maciej Hałoń — all musicians studying at the Academy of Music in Kraków. The group deliberately chooses pieces that reflect an eclectic mixture of styles and fresh inspirations and has a fine repertoire that includes contemporary percussion and compositions with elements of musical theatre, electronics and jazz.

Live performance at TEDxKrakow.

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  1. Krystian says:

    I saw/heard them live at the event. I love how their performance is perfectly synchronized and rehearsed also in terms of motion, and I remember wondering how much of that was actually dictated by the music itself (as in, the synchronization even at a minute level adds to their playing in time using instruments that are not very well defined – e.g. no designated areas for pitches like keys on a keyboard – if they move in the same way, it looks sort of like dancing but also allows them to be sure they’re hitting the same parts of the instrument when they need to).

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