Moment of Improvisation: Laima Jansone at TEDxRiga

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Moment of Improvisation: Laima Jansone at TEDxRiga

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Laima Jansone is the most accomplished and the most promising Latvian traditional kokle player, who is especially gifted in the demanding art of improvisation. Currently Laima is the Ethnographical Music student of J.VÄ«tols Latvian Music Academy.

Laima entreprets traditional kokle in her own signature manner of playing, which combines both swiftness and impulsivity, and calmness and the desire to look inside onself. The key part of Laima’s performance is improvisation, it is always something exceptional — a surprise and an adventure both for the listener and for the musician.

Laima plays the electro-acoustic kokle, which allows for the use of various effects, and was made especially for her.

Live performance at TEDxRiga.

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