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Paul Kelly at TEDxSydney

Paul Kelly is one of the most significant singer/songwriters in Australia. Here’s his solo rendition of one of his best-loved songs, chosen as the final performance of TEDxSydney 2011. As well as issuing an enduring body of work with his own bands, Kelly has recorded film scores (Lantana and the…

Darden Smith at TEDxAustin

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In a stirring performance, acclaimed singer and songwriter Darden Smith shares — and sings — his journey from aspiring rock star to song writing champion for those struggling to regain their voice, among them soldiers just returning from war. Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on…

Nneka at TEDxIkoyi

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Critically acclaimed singer/song-writer Nneka‘s voice strikes an eerie balance between rage and pain as she offers commentary on key social issues. To share her personal story, she performs “Suffri” and “My Home”, which were inspired by “life’s big questions” she explains. Performance begins at 2:50. Live music from TEDxIkoyi in Nigeria, 2012.

Jamie Catto acoustic solo at TEDxLausanne

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Jamie Catto was a founding member of the British dance music supergroup Faithless and has worked as a producer/composer for renowned artists such as Dido and Emiliana Torrini. Jamie also gave a TEDxTalk at TEDxLausanne. Live performance at TEDxLausanne 2012.

Amber Rubarth Trio f/ Dave Eggar & Max ZT at TEDxKC

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Winner of NPR’s prestigious Mountain Stage New Song Contest, Amber Rubarth writes songs of courageous vulnerability so personal that they touch the universal. Rubarth’s fifth album, produced by Jacquire King (who also worked with Tom Waits and Norah Jones), debuted at No. 13 on iTunes’ songwriter chart and features duets…

Michelle Blades: Indie Ukulele at TEDxPhoenix

At the age of eighteen, Michelle Blades threw a dart at a map and it landed in Arizona, thus beginning her move to the Valley of the Sun. Since then, she has been traveling and documenting life through her music and photography, while searching for the subtle similarities that stitch…

Yori Swart: Acoustic Solo at TEDxMaastricht

Yori Swart performs and acts in a innovative ‘holistic’ way, using acoustic guitar and changes involume to intensify her passionate voice. Yori won the 2010 Amsterdam Pop Prize and the Netherlands Grand Prix. Live performance at TEDxMaastricht 2012.

Billy McLaughlin: new guitar at TEDxAtlanta

For twenty years, Billy McLaughlin astounded audiences around the world with his complex and rhythmic music.  In 2001, Billy was diagnosed with Focal Dystonia, an incurable neuromuscular disease that rendered him unable to play his own music.  By 2002, Billy McLaughlin’s career was over. In 2006, Billy began a comeback….

Meklit Hadero’s Sound and Sky

Meklit Hadero is a vocalist, songwriter, cultural activist, 2009 TED Global Fellow, and a Resident Artist at the Red Poppy Art House – an interdisciplinary, grassroots arts and performance space in San Francisco’s Mission District. Live performance at TEDxSF.

Barnaby Bright: The Longest Day is the Shortest Night

Brooklyn-based indie folk rock duo Barnaby Bright, have garnered high accolades for their lyrically captivating and impeccably balanced songwriting and sound.  As songwriters and performers, they seek to uncover ways to connect with the listener through the power of music, guiding them to both personal and universal discoveries Live performance…