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Djazia Satour: Arab African Fusion with Strings

Djazia grew up in Algiers enjoying opera, 60s pop and chaabi.  Her endless sense of artistic freedom has seeded an Arab style groove on top on string sensations. Live performance recorded at TEDxParis 2011.

Mabe Fratti: Modern Cello at TEDxYouthGuatemalaCity

María Belén Fratti (Mabe) is a cellist, vocalist and experimental composer. She started learning piano at age four and learned cello at 8. She identifies herself with a wide array of musicians and stiles, encouraging her to be a part of several music projects. She was part of the alt…

Yodhakaa’s Contemporary Indian Music

Yodhakaa is a contemporary Indian music band that evolved around the idea of finding a bridge between the traditional and contemporary. Their music is a collage of all the inspirations and influences they have encountered in their journey as artists. They hope to evolve, embrace more cultures, languages and people,…

Zoe Keating: Avant Cello

Armed with just her cello and a small box of electronics, Zoe Keating is a one-woman orchestra. She records layer upon layer of celio, her feet dancing over an array of pedals to transform her solo performances into multipart works. Live performance at TEDxSF.

Shiuan (Xuan) Liu – Music: NEW Applause ( 劉軒 – 新滿堂采 )

  As the protagonist of an immensely popular series of books written by his father in the late 1980s, Shiuan’s daily life in a New York public high school became well-known to an entire generation of Taiwanese students. Shiuan is a writer, musician, psychologist and DJ. 劉軒 一個華人世界的哈利波特。他在紐約念高中的生活被父親寫成勵志書,成為台灣國中課本的教材。在華人世界銷售超過一千萬冊。但誰才是真正的劉軒﹖一個極端跨界,從心理、寫作、旅行、古典音樂、電子舞曲…一個不斷為自己重新定義,並努力撕掉標籤的文化人,一個永遠處在異鄉的音樂才子。 Add this…

Guido Ponzini and Myriam Farina: Harp and Viola da Gamba Remix

A vibrantly stunning performance offers a unique twist on the traditional sound of Viola da Gamba and Harp. Live performance at TEDxBologna.

Lee Park: violin and drums, piece by piece

Lee “builds musical performances piece by piece.”  By age 15 she won the top performer category for all ages from the Western Board of Music.  She founded the Halifax String Quartet, is Improvising Violinist for the Upstream Association and produces many other groups from tango to jazz to strings featuring…

Unknown Lyric: guitar + violin classical fusion

Unknown Lyric – Jeremiah Turner on acoustic guitar and Kevin Grayson on violin –  is an acoustic/classical/soul duo out of Atlanta, GA. Making instrumental music cool again and ultimately music as a whole, Unknown Lyric implements classical Beethoven with urban rhythms and grooves creating a musical experience like none other….

Two Star Symphony

Two Star Symphony Houston’s most unusual music ensemble. Performing in quartet and octet configurations, Two Star compose and perform all-original music across a wide variety of genres. Each member of Two Star Symphony brings a unique background and set of musical influences to their writing, creating an original and distinctive…

Shamik & Cris Derksen: cello beats

Audio fusion of BeatBox and cello on a loopstation. One extraordinary duo! Live performed from TEDxVancouver.