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Moment of Improvisation: Laima Jansone at TEDxRiga

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Laima Jansone is the most accomplished and the most promising Latvian traditional kokle player, who is especially gifted in the demanding art of improvisation. Currently Laima is the Ethnographical Music student of J.Vītols Latvian Music Academy. Laima entreprets traditional kokle in her own signature manner of playing, which combines both…

Christylez Bacon the human beatbox

Christylez Bacon (pronounced: Chris-Styles) is a progressive hip-hop music artist, from Washington, DC. He is responsible for introducing his live eclectic blend of classical and jazz and hip-hop arrangements and lyricism to such reputable presenters as Strathmore Hall, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He is…

Muhan Zhang: musical evolution of the erhu

A Musical Evolution of the Erhu: An Ancient Instrument of Uncommon Beauty. Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud. Live performance at TEDxBoston.

Shiuan (Xuan) Liu – Music: NEW Applause ( 劉軒 – 新滿堂采 )

  As the protagonist of an immensely popular series of books written by his father in the late 1980s, Shiuan’s daily life in a New York public high school became well-known to an entire generation of Taiwanese students. Shiuan is a writer, musician, psychologist and DJ. 劉軒 一個華人世界的哈利波特。他在紐約念高中的生活被父親寫成勵志書,成為台灣國中課本的教材。在華人世界銷售超過一千萬冊。但誰才是真正的劉軒﹖一個極端跨界,從心理、寫作、旅行、古典音樂、電子舞曲…一個不斷為自己重新定義,並努力撕掉標籤的文化人,一個永遠處在異鄉的音樂才子。 Add this…

Billy McLaughlin’s A new way to play guitar

Billy McLaughlin taught us all just what is possible if we are willing to relearn. Live performance at TEDxAtlanta.

Kurosawa Hiroyuki plays Shamisen, Japanese Classical

Kurosawa Hiroyuki is the annual prize winner of the “Shamisen (japanese traditional instrument)” play to pray for the victims of the Tsunami. Performance at TEDxTohoku2011 山木屋太鼓「山猿」 黒澤博幸 津軽三味線奏者 史上初の全日本金木大会優勝3連覇を果たす。 日本伝統音楽とロックやジャズを果敢に融合した全く新しいタイプの音楽を発表。 震災直後から慰問コンサートで各地を訪れ、被災者からご要望の多い民謡を中心に演奏。 東北の人々の「心の声」を津軽三味線の演奏と共に伝える。

Lazar Novkov & Frame Orchestra: Funky Fresh at TEDxNoviSad

Lazar Novkov & Frame Orchestra perform their latest invention – Ka-Ka – “where listening to a minute of their music adds 3.5 seconds to your life”.  No words really do justice to this awesome music. Enjoy. Add these performances to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.    …

Marcelo Moguile: multi-instrumental remix

Known cordially as Mogui, Marcelo dominates the flute, as well as a long list of instruments that include saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet, flutes, harmonica, duduk (Armeniaflute), bagpipes and piano.  Enjoy the “multi-instrumenatlist.” Live performance recorded at TEDxBuenosAires 2010.

Ben Walsh: wheel of drums

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Ben Walsh’s diverse percussion and drumming skills have made him a fixture at festivals around the world. Here, he tells us a little of his story and proceeds to demonstrate his art on a ‘wheel of drums’ he created. Live performance at TEDxSydney 2011.

Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro’s virtuoso ukulele performances opened and closed a transfixed audience at TEDxSanDiego.  His performance of The Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” was a highlight of the day. In addition to those magical moments, the talented musician shares words of wisdom learned from his work with children: “Kids need…