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Bobby Singh with Damini Darbar: tabla and tanpur

Bobby is an internationally renowned tabla player, talented and skilled in both traditional Indian classical music and cross cultural genres, lauded throughout Australia and internationally for his work with acts that straddle the divide between tradition and modernity. Performance from TEDxSydney.

Djazia Satour: Arab African Fusion with Strings

Djazia grew up in Algiers enjoying opera, 60s pop and chaabi.  Her endless sense of artistic freedom has seeded an Arab style groove on top on string sensations. Live performance recorded at TEDxParis 2011.

All Hands at TEDxZurich

For about one year Manuel Bürkli (Mañana) was recording bits and pieces of music, taking the freedom to have no expectations in his work and collect as many rough ideas as possible. “I felt a need to play around with music and words without having a final product in mind…

Yori Swart: Acoustic Solo at TEDxMaastricht

Yori Swart performs and acts in a innovative ‘holistic’ way, using acoustic guitar and changes involume to intensify her passionate voice. Yori won the 2010 Amsterdam Pop Prize and the Netherlands Grand Prix. Live performance at TEDxMaastricht 2012.

Muhan Zhang: musical evolution of the erhu

A Musical Evolution of the Erhu: An Ancient Instrument of Uncommon Beauty. Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud. Live performance at TEDxBoston.

Steve Collins, Lyle Mays, Kongar-Ol Ondar – Tuva or Bust!

A vignette from “Tuva or Bust!” by Ralph Leighton. Live performance at TEDxCalTech.

Asaf Avidan @ TEDxTelAviv

Asaf Avidan, accompanied for this performance by the Mojos’ cellist, Hadas Kleinman. Live performance at TEDxTelAviv.

James Gruntz’s Post-Pop at TEDxZurich

James Gruntz makes post-pop music — pop with a little bit of distance and reflection. He is one of these young musicians (in fact, he claims to have been the first one) who want to reach the masses with their music without being limited to a certain style. He doesn’t…

Kurosawa Hiroyuki plays Shamisen, Japanese Classical

Kurosawa Hiroyuki is the annual prize winner of the “Shamisen (japanese traditional instrument)” play to pray for the victims of the Tsunami. Performance at TEDxTohoku2011 山木屋太鼓「山猿」 黒澤博幸 津軽三味線奏者 史上初の全日本金木大会優勝3連覇を果たす。 日本伝統音楽とロックやジャズを果敢に融合した全く新しいタイプの音楽を発表。 震災直後から慰問コンサートで各地を訪れ、被災者からご要望の多い民謡を中心に演奏。 東北の人々の「心の声」を津軽三味線の演奏と共に伝える。

Rim Banna of Palestine

Rim Banna is a Palestinian singer, lyricist and composer, born in Nazareth in The Galilee.  The music starts at about 2:10. Live performance from TEDxRamallah.