Billy McLaughlin’s A new way to play guitar

Billy McLaughlin taught us all just what is possible if we are willing to relearn. Live performance at TEDxAtlanta.

Zoë Keating

Armed with just her cello and a small box of electronics, Zoë Keating is a one-woman orchestra. She records layer upon layer of cello, her feet dancing over an array of pedals to transform her solo performances into multipart works. Live performance at TEDxAtlanta.

Alia Christian: Musical Interlude at TEDxPeachTree

Alia Christian, a 15 year-old Georgia song writer and musician is blazing her own trail in country music with her unique flavor of pop-country. She plays the piano, the guitar, sings and writes her own music…and is getting noticed. Out of thousands of entries submitted nationwide, Alia’s song was picked…