Chelín Nuñez: Panama neo-folklore on Violin at TEDxCiudadDelSaber

Violinist for the Panamanian National Symphony Orchestra, music educator Chelín Nuñez invites her friends basist Fernando del Rio and percussionist Alfredo Hidrovo on stage to share her hypnotic fresh take on Panamanian folcloric music. Live performance at TEDxCiudadDelSaber 2012. Audio: Get the latest sounds: follow the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.

Kurosawa Hiroyuki plays Shamisen, Japanese Classical

Kurosawa Hiroyuki is the annual prize winner of the “Shamisen (japanese traditional instrument)” play to pray for the victims of the Tsunami. Performance at TEDxTohoku2011 山木屋太鼓「山猿」 黒澤博幸 津軽三味線奏者 史上初の全日本金木大会優勝3連覇を果たす。 日本伝統音楽とロックやジャズを果敢に融合した全く新しいタイプの音楽を発表。 震災直後から慰問コンサートで各地を訪れ、被災者からご要望の多い民謡を中心に演奏。 東北の人々の「心の声」を津軽三味線の演奏と共に伝える。

Guido Ponzini and Myriam Farina: Harp and Viola da Gamba Remix

A vibrantly stunning performance offers a unique twist on the traditional sound of Viola da Gamba and Harp. Live performance at TEDxBologna.

Ben Zander conducts the Youth Orchestra of the Americas

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Epic!  Explore “the joy of humanity” with the first movement of Beethoven’s 7th symphony, and the last movement of Beethoven’s 5th.  Watch until the end and you’re in for a surprise! Performance at TEDxBoston.