Dr. Draw & Gadfly

Watch world-renowned electric violinist Dr. Draw and dance powerhouse Gadfly during their performance at TEDxToronto 2011.

Olas: Andalusian Flamenco and Arabic Folk Music

Olas is a band of musicians and dancers heavily influenced by Andalusian Flamenco and Arabic folk music, translated through a blend of American folk, rock, Arabic, and Afro-Cuban sounds. Olas is an original, all-acoustic mash-up of raw and passionate music and dance. Live performance at TEDxDirigo.

Liliane Chlela & Clara Sfeir: Electroacoustic and Dance

Liliane and Clara’s performance is based on both improvised contemporary dance & electroacoustic¬†music. ¬†It explores the extents of both disciplines responding live to each other. Live performance from TEDxBeirut.  

Stromae: Lessons in Hip Hop and Overnight Fame

Stromae, singer-songwriter of Belgian-Rwandan origin, presents the procedure of the building up of his songs by creating one live on stage. Live performance at TEDxBrussels.  

Leading Edge: Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1

Leading Edge is a choreography performed by two soloists, Marielle Rijkaart (cello) and Besim Hoti (dance). The audience experiences Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 with an extreme combination of street and modern dance. There is a vibrant connection between the cellist and the dancer, but how are they…


Quixotic is an ensemble of visual, musical and performing artists collaborating to produce new forms of artistic expression. This inventive group goes beyond the limits of any specific art form to create a total sensory experience for its audience. Quixotic makes performance art interactive and eliminates the barrier between performer…