Centrefūga: Gas of Latvia at TEDxRiga

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Gas of Latvia are doers, not speakers. The author of music, Andris Indāns, and the author of video, Katrīna Neiburga, will participate in TEDxRiga with the audiovisual composition Centrefūga. Gas of Latvia have since 1996 released more than 10 albums, and have performed numerous concerts in Latvia and Europe. Live…

Tim Exile Crowd-Sources Electronica at TEDxLondon

Musician, performer and developer Tim Exile is a pioneer of live interactive electronic music. A child of the nascent electronic music scene of the late 90s he was inspired by the bold new world of sounds available but frustrated by the inability to play these hands on like he could…

Shiuan (Xuan) Liu – Music: NEW Applause ( 劉軒 – 新滿堂采 )

  As the protagonist of an immensely popular series of books written by his father in the late 1980s, Shiuan’s daily life in a New York public high school became well-known to an entire generation of Taiwanese students. Shiuan is a writer, musician, psychologist and DJ. 劉軒 一個華人世界的哈利波特。他在紐約念高中的生活被父親寫成勵志書,成為台灣國中課本的教材。在華人世界銷售超過一千萬冊。但誰才是真正的劉軒﹖一個極端跨界,從心理、寫作、旅行、古典音樂、電子舞曲…一個不斷為自己重新定義,並努力撕掉標籤的文化人,一個永遠處在異鄉的音樂才子。 Add this…

Drasko V: Redefining Sound at TEDxToronto

Award-winning music producer and sound designer Drasko V wows the audience at TEDxToronto 2011. Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.

Drasko V: Redefining Sound Porduction

Award-winning music producer and sound designer Drasko wows the audience at TEDxToronto 2011.

Dr. Draw & Gadfly

Watch world-renowned electric violinist Dr. Draw and dance powerhouse Gadfly during their performance at TEDxToronto 2011.

Stromae: Lessons in Hip Hop and Overnight Fame

Stromae, singer-songwriter of Belgian-Rwandan origin, presents the procedure of the building up of his songs by creating one live on stage. Live performance at TEDxBrussels.  

Electric Drum Ensemble

In 2009, the USC Thornton School of Music partnered with Roland, one of the world’s top manufacturers of electronic musical instruments, to establish the Roland Drumlab. This monumental partnership makes USC the first to require drumset proficiency as part of a Popular Music Performance program. Peter Erskine who was key…

Arthur Newhall: rhythms from the ocean

By day, Art Newhall is an ocean acoustics engineer and by night, a musician and composer, and on special occasions—such as TEDxWoodsHole—he mixes it up. Newhall’s “songs” come from hydrophones placed below the ocean surface or on the backs of whales, a digital sound mixer, and a musician’s love for…


Quixotic is an ensemble of visual, musical and performing artists collaborating to produce new forms of artistic expression. This inventive group goes beyond the limits of any specific art form to create a total sensory experience for its audience. Quixotic makes performance art interactive and eliminates the barrier between performer…