Lazar Novkov & Frame Orchestra: Funky Fresh at TEDxNoviSad

Lazar Novkov & Frame Orchestra perform their latest invention – Ka-Ka – “where listening to a minute of their music adds 3.5 seconds to your life”.  No words really do justice to this awesome music. Enjoy. Add these performances to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.    …

Barnaby Bright: The Longest Day is the Shortest Night

Brooklyn-based indie folk rock duo Barnaby Bright, have garnered high accolades for their lyrically captivating and impeccably balanced songwriting and sound.  As songwriters and performers, they seek to uncover ways to connect with the listener through the power of music, guiding them to both personal and universal discoveries Live performance…

Olas: Andalusian Flamenco and Arabic Folk Music

Olas is a band of musicians and dancers heavily influenced by Andalusian Flamenco and Arabic folk music, translated through a blend of American folk, rock, Arabic, and Afro-Cuban sounds. Olas is an original, all-acoustic mash-up of raw and passionate music and dance. Live performance at TEDxDirigo.

Liliane Chlela & Clara Sfeir: Electroacoustic and Dance

Liliane and Clara’s performance is based on both improvised contemporary dance & electroacoustic music.  It explores the extents of both disciplines responding live to each other. Live performance from TEDxBeirut.  

Lee Coulter’s acoustic “I Would Love”

Lee Coulter asks, “Should it be so bad to want to do something good? When this life tries to bring me down — I would love, I would love, I would love”. Live performance at TEDxYouth@SanDiego.

Stromae: Lessons in Hip Hop and Overnight Fame

Stromae, singer-songwriter of Belgian-Rwandan origin, presents the procedure of the building up of his songs by creating one live on stage. Live performance at TEDxBrussels.  

Jake Shimabukuro’s Magic Ukulele

Jake Shimabukuro believes, “If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place.” View Jake at TED2010, TEDxSanDiego, TEDxTokyo, and TEDxHongKong. Live performance from TEDxHonolulu.

Djamel Laroussi: improv internacionale at TEDxBrussels

Djamel Laroussi is a leftie guitarist, which means he plays guitar upside down. This astounding performance is total improvisation! Add these performances to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.       Performance at TEDxBrussels.

TEDxAlcatraz opening song

DJ Mikey Four (Michael May) sets a rhythmic remix of “Bittersweet Symphony” that brings us into Simon Christen’s beautifully captured time-lapse photography of San Francisco Bay. At the film’s conclusion, the large screen rises and the house band emerges on the mock-prison stage — James Nash on guitar, joined by…

Lewis Warren: piano

Lewis is a 13-year-old piano phenomenon. He began composing at age five. In 2005, he was a top finalist in the International Russian Piano Music Competition, and in 2008, Lewis was featured on America’s Got Talent as a child prodigy. Lewis recently performed the “Star Spangled Banner” in front of…