Garrett Borns: Time Flies at TEDxGrandRapids

Finding inspiration for music and lyrics from within and around the world, singer/songwriter Garrett Borns performs his eclectic fusion of sound, story and wordplay. Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud. Live performance at TEDxGrandRapids.

Leonie Casanova: wind up

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Leonie Casanova is a London-based singer/songwriter. She has written and recorded songs for the films “The World Unseen” and “I Can’t Think Straight” – both of which were written and directed by award-winning Shamim Sarif and produced by Hanan Kattan. They star Lisa Ray and Sheetal Seth. Live performance recorded…

James Gruntz’s Post-Pop at TEDxZurich

James Gruntz makes post-pop music — pop with a little bit of distance and reflection. He is one of these young musicians (in fact, he claims to have been the first one) who want to reach the masses with their music without being limited to a certain style. He doesn’t…

Brook Harris: Believe in Yourself and Who You Are

Having faced the tragic loss of her mom at 7 years old, today Brook strongly believes that music possesses the power to impact & move people to do great things. Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud. Live performance at TEDxKids@BC.

Rim Banna of Palestine

Rim Banna is a Palestinian singer, lyricist and composer, born in Nazareth in The Galilee.  The music starts at about 2:10. Live performance from TEDxRamallah.

Lewis Warren: piano

Lewis is a 13-year-old piano phenomenon. He began composing at age five. In 2005, he was a top finalist in the International Russian Piano Music Competition, and in 2008, Lewis was featured on America’s Got Talent as a child prodigy. Lewis recently performed the “Star Spangled Banner” in front of…

Midge Crickett: witty cello

Neither a midge nor a cricket, but rather a human creature who writes silly songs which she sings while accompanying herself on the cello. Performance from TEDxLeadershipPittsburgh.

Leonie Casanova: holy daughter

Singer/Songwriter Leonie Casanova sings Holy Daughter, which was used in the hit movie I Can’t Think Straight. Live performance at TEDxHolyLand.

Eoin Harrington: Confess

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and surrounded by music since the age of 4, Eoin Harrington has traveled the globe and now resides in San Francisco where his music is causing quite a stir. This award winning songwriter has grabbed the attention of numerous heavyweights in the bay area…

Alia Christian: Musical Interlude at TEDxPeachTree

Alia Christian, a 15 year-old Georgia song writer and musician is blazing her own trail in country music with her unique flavor of pop-country. She plays the piano, the guitar, sings and writes her own music…and is getting noticed. Out of thousands of entries submitted nationwide, Alia’s song was picked…