Bobby Singh with Damini Darbar: tabla and tanpur

Bobby is an internationally renowned tabla player, talented and skilled in both traditional Indian classical music and cross cultural genres, lauded throughout Australia and internationally for his work with acts that straddle the divide between tradition and modernity. Performance from TEDxSydney.

Radhey Gupta’s sitar and tabla

Radhey has spent 40 years playing Sitar in India and Australia. Radhey obtained a degree in music in Agra in 1966 and completed “Sangeet Visharad” from Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya. Though a graduate of IIT Delhi and an IT professional, he has continued his passion for music by performing, teaching and organizing…

FourPlay Quartet with Bobby Singh: Defy Convention

FourPlay String Quartet defy convention and stereotyping. No musical stone is left unturned. Here their collaboration with Bobby Singh delights the TEDxSydney audience. Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud. Recorded at TEDxSydney.