Chelín Nuñez: Panama neo-folklore on Violin at TEDxCiudadDelSaber

Violinist for the Panamanian National Symphony Orchestra, music educator Chelín Nuñez invites her friends basist Fernando del Rio and percussionist Alfredo Hidrovo on stage to share her hypnotic fresh take on Panamanian folcloric music. Live performance at TEDxCiudadDelSaber 2012. Audio: Get the latest sounds: follow the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud.

Billy McLaughlin: new guitar at TEDxAtlanta

For twenty years, Billy McLaughlin astounded audiences around the world with his complex and rhythmic music.  In 2001, Billy was diagnosed with Focal Dystonia, an incurable neuromuscular disease that rendered him unable to play his own music.  By 2002, Billy McLaughlin’s career was over. In 2006, Billy began a comeback….

Simone Porter: Malaguena and Zapateado, Violin Prodigy at TEDxRedmond

Simone Porter is an accomplished violinist; her list of achievements is extensive– performing in Carnegie Hall for a nationally syndicated program, playing her violin for the Dalai Lama (and over 50,000 other people), and playing with orchestras around the globe. TEDxRedmond is “by kids, for kids” with a theme of…

Christylez Bacon the human beatbox

Christylez Bacon (pronounced: Chris-Styles) is a progressive hip-hop music artist, from Washington, DC. He is responsible for introducing his live eclectic blend of classical and jazz and hip-hop arrangements and lyricism to such reputable presenters as Strathmore Hall, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He is…

Leonie Casanova: wind up

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Leonie Casanova is a London-based singer/songwriter. She has written and recorded songs for the films “The World Unseen” and “I Can’t Think Straight” – both of which were written and directed by award-winning Shamim Sarif and produced by Hanan Kattan. They star Lisa Ray and Sheetal Seth. Live performance recorded…

Meklit Hadero’s Sound and Sky

Meklit Hadero is a vocalist, songwriter, cultural activist, 2009 TED Global Fellow, and a Resident Artist at the Red Poppy Art House – an interdisciplinary, grassroots arts and performance space in San Francisco’s Mission District. Live performance at TEDxSF.

Muhan Zhang: musical evolution of the erhu

A Musical Evolution of the Erhu: An Ancient Instrument of Uncommon Beauty. Add this performance to your library via the TEDx Music Project on Soundcloud. Live performance at TEDxBoston.

Steve Collins, Lyle Mays, Kongar-Ol Ondar – Tuva or Bust!

A vignette from “Tuva or Bust!” by Ralph Leighton. Live performance at TEDxCalTech.

Yodhakaa’s Contemporary Indian Music

Yodhakaa is a contemporary Indian music band that evolved around the idea of finding a bridge between the traditional and contemporary. Their music is a collage of all the inspirations and influences they have encountered in their journey as artists. They hope to evolve, embrace more cultures, languages and people,…

Zoe Keating: Avant Cello

Armed with just her cello and a small box of electronics, Zoe Keating is a one-woman orchestra. She records layer upon layer of celio, her feet dancing over an array of pedals to transform her solo performances into multipart works. Live performance at TEDxSF.